Ours happens to be distilled from truth.

Clyde’s spirit lives on in every bottle — a legacy authentic as the Alabama Style™ Whiskey he invented over 70 years ago. Just one sip, and you'll see that his integrity and commitment to quality gave us a damn good standard to live up to. Roll Clyde!

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Clyde’s attention to detail helped set him apart from other moonshiners, and it meandered through every step. He started with the cleanest still possible and finished with baked apple slices. His high standards led to a whiskey that he felt proud to put his name on.

Clyde May's signature
"The Original" Clyde May’s
Alabama Style™
85 Proof
Clyde May's
Straight Bourbon
92 Proof
Clyde May’s
Special Reserve Bourbon
110 Proof
Clyde May’s
Cask Strength
120 Proof
Clyde May's
Straight Rye
94 Proof
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