93 Points
2017 Ultimate Spirits Challenge
93 Points
2012 Wine Enthusiast Magazine Top-50 Spirit
Alabama Style™
85 Proof

"The Original" is aged 4 years in oak barrels and finished with a hint of apple. Great over ice but a solid choice for mixing a cocktail.

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Flavor Profile
Deep, glimmering bronze.
Distinct aromatics of rich caramel, dried orchard fruits and green apple.
Warm, medium-bodied spirit with accent of black pepper and hints of anise and toasted oak. Crowned by a smooth finish.
  • "There's lush coating of the mouth as the flavor kicks into action. A whole mouth experience with bursts of caramel and butterscotch, light apple overtones. A rich butterscotch candy mixed with lavish caramel candy without being overtly sweet. It's a smooth experience, but does pack a bit of a punch."
    94% User Rating
    John R.
clyde’s recipes
Warm Apple Cider

Now's a great time of year for 'spicing' up your favorite local apple cider, with Clyde May’s Alabama Style™ "The Original", this might just be your drink of the season…

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